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170 State Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

(650) 559-0960

Come enjoy our state of the art, indoor play space for exploration and learning! Open daily for parent supervised play time, for all ages!


Pilates for Mommy with Baby

Postnatal Pilates (with Baby)

This class helps women with postnatal recovery through posture awareness and mindful movement. In addition to engaging in deep breathing and Pilates-based movements, participants will gain awareness of common posture pitfalls of caring for a baby, and learn ways to engage their core to support everyday activities.  

Brief Bio

Amie is a mom of two energetic and life-loving boys. Her passion for posture awareness and movement stems from her own desire to enjoy active play with her young boys without injury or pain. This means keeping fit and strong, mentally and physically, through Pilates and complimentary movement exercises. Amie is passionate about sharing her knowledge and practices with others. 
Amie is a certified Pilates instructor and has practiced Pilates for over 15 years, through two pregnancies and with her two children. She has specialized training to work with pre-natal and post-natal women, those recovering from injury, and children. Amie is also a Virtues Project Facilitator, trained and certified by Virtues Project International. 

Inspired by her children’s natural desire to explore, move, and play, Amie created Movement Adventures while living in Singapore to help children build posture awareness and healthy movement habits in a fun and engaging way!

Movement Adventures (Family) November 15

In this fun and engaging class, parents and children embark on an imaginary journey while having fun moving their bodies. Parents and children are introduced to basic anatomy and Pilates-based movements. Each adventure invites parents and children to PLAY, IMAGINE, MOVE, and have FUN together!