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170 State Street
Los Altos, CA 94022

(650) 559-0960

Come enjoy our state of the art, indoor play space for exploration and learning! Open daily for parent supervised play time, for all ages!

Winter Messy Play!


Winter Messy Play!

This time we are offering messy play for our younger playmates. Join us for a fun event for babies with edible paints! We will use pureed fruits and vegetables to create baby-safe "paints." Come prepared to decorate an outfit as they crawl around in the mess! Play! will be providing white onesies for sale on the day of
that you can keep as a memorabilia till their wedding day ; ).
PLEASE  bring a change of clothes for after! These paints will stain skin temporarily as well, as they are meant to be permanent dyes for clothing - that means they may also dye your clothing, so please dress appropriately!

***All Materials Are Baby Safe & Approved***

Kid smocks are provided. Please prepare appropriate change of clothes if needed.

Children learn best through hands-on, active play. They learn about their world around them by experiencing a wide range of materials and textures. In Messy Play class we do just that!

$20 - “MESSY PASS.” + Siblings  $10

Includes 1 Hour access to the Playroom & MESSY PLAY session

To register please call

(650)-559-0960 or sign up on Play! Facebook Event page

December 14
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December 16
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